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Enclosing My 110" Screen

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Has anyone out there built a cabinet around a large fixed screen. I have kids, and the thought of one of them throwing a matchbox car into my Firehawk screen is giving me a nervous twitch.

I am thinking about using 1X4's to build a frame 3" deep around it and then making 4 segment folding doors, /\\ /\\ (Top Down View) for the front that have a locking latch. I would use 1X2's 12" shorter than the overall length as footers to support the weight. Does this sound like it will work?

I would also like to hear if there are any better ideas.
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your building a shadowbox. I'd switch to using 1' x 4" Select Poplar. You should make the edges at least 4 inches larger than the perimeter of the screen. You can then apply Black Velvet as a surroundin the back of the box. Use heavy duty Corner "Flat L" Corner brackets on the inside edges of the 1" x 4"s and the Box's Panel backing.

I guess you talking about a Mfg screen.

Get out of here.:mad: :eek: ;) :p :D
This guy did exactly what you described, and I think it looks great:



Oh Boy!

I agree!

A truly great reference!

Thank you "ilsiu" !

Your contribution is the stuff Dreams are made of.
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Thanks for the link, that almost identical to what I want to do. I might try to find some kind of picture and seal it to the doors but have not made up my mind yet. I may just leave it finished wood.
hmm, i like this idea but would like one that extends floor to ceiling then just bolted to the drywall. then maybe i could place a masking system on it. anyone see somthing like this?
Originally posted by rday1960
hmm, i like this idea but would like one that extends floor to ceiling then just bolted to the drywall. then maybe i could place a masking system on it. anyone see somthing like this?
There are scenic wallpapers available that stretch from floor to ceiling. If you made the doors the exact same width as the wallpaper rolls, you could conceal both a screen and masking system behind them.

nice idea gary, wonder if they have one of fenway park. if they dont i mmight just recreat the green monster
This thread (and the link to the completed project) has inspired me. I plan on making something with 3 panels on each half. Imagine a screen 96" wide and 54" tall (16:9) and a total of 6 panels, approximately 1/4" x 18" x 60". Looking at the left 3 panels when closed (let's call them A, B, and C, from left to right) no screen is exposed. Flip panel C so that it's front is flat against the front of Panel B. This exposed the screen behind Panel C (and panel D if you do the same on the right half of the screen). So what.

But now flip panel B (and C with it) to the front of Panel A. The back of Panel B is covered with black velvet. So now you've exposed the screen behind Panels B,C,D & E. At about 18" each, that's 72". With your 54" height we're talking 4:3. The velvet on the back of B and E serve as borders.

Finally you can flip out A and F to expose the full 96" wide 16:9 screen.

Now to figure out hinges and adjustments therefor, that can support it all.
I have started the project finally and will be posting pictures. So far I have made the surrounding frame and have completed 2 of four doors. My wood shop is very basic, so its taking a little longer than than I expected. We (wife and I) decided to make more of a cabinet type door. We needed to keep the weight down, and after a lot of thought we came up with the idea of using painters canvas as panels for the doors. We are still deciding if we are going to paint the panel to match the walls or leave them white.

Pictures coming soon!
I know I am bringing back an old thread but I wanted to post the finished product that I built in the woodshop....

http://img104.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc65&image=f1e_screen1.JPG http://img104.imagevenue.com/loc65/th_f1e_screen1.JPG http://img46.imagevenue.com/img.php?loc=loc19&image=efd_screen2.JPG http://img46.imagevenue.com/loc19/th_efd_screen2.JPG

Let me know what you think. I also have alot of pics that show the construction thru the whole process.

Not bad for an amateur wood worker, huh?
Very nice. Thanks for bringing back this thread, I missed it the first time around.
Those slimline latches would also work great to make masking systems that can quickly slide into place for 2.35:1 aspect ratio movies
I originally thought about reversing the hinges and covering the inside of the doors with masking material so that I could use the doors as masking when I watch 4:3 material, but then the hinge would have been visible from the outside. With the way the hinges are now, it's a much cleaner look when it all closed up.

I still need to cover the space between the actual screen and the cabinet with black cloth so that the brackets and the wall are not visible when the cabinets open.
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