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Hello everybody!

I've recently built an HTPC for my newly built gameroom and am running through lots of problems playing MKV files.

I am using VistaCodecPack to play MKV files in Windows Media Center

However, I am running into a problem involving subtitles.

When I boot up the movie I am able to go into FFDshow and turn off subtitles. However, when I do this, the audio becomes unsynced with the movie. So it's a no go.

Then, I tried remuxing using MKVtoolnix to take out the subtitle tracks. Once again, the audio became unsynced with the video.

I've tried a different codec pack [CCCP] with a fresh re-install of Windows, but this did the same thing.

I've tried multiple MKV movies as well, to make sure it was not just a problem with the movie itself.

The computer I am running it on should be more than capable of handling it:

Q6600, 3870, 4 gigs of RAM, and everything at stock settings [no overclock].

Any help would be appreciated!

PS: If this is the wrong section of the forum, can anybody point me to the right direction, I spent some time trying to figure out where to post it.
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