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Encouraging experience with XMBCbuntu on ATI

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So I gave the current XMBCbuntu live cd a try on my old single core desktop with ATI 4670 gfx,

Seemed to work mostly ok playing h.264 1080i/ AC3 audio HDTV recordings over my wireless network.

I did see some corruption occasionally, possibly due to issues with the recording or the fact I was loading a file remotely over wireless.

Generally though, it worked pretty well. Things have moved on since i last looked a few years back.

Thumbs up to the community!
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Yes ATI (with the proprietary fglrx drivers) works reasonably well as long as you don't need mpeg2 hardware decoding and don't need h.264 > L4.1 or any advanced deinterlacing.

Basically the ATI XvBA hardware decoding is currently limited to VC1 and H.264
Despite all the recent vitriol re: Nvidia and ATI drivers and politics in recent weeks, the reality is, the current state of Linux proprietary video drivers has never been better, functionality-wise. Both Nvidia's and ATI's proprietary drivers work quite well with recent vintage GPU's, with Nvidia having the performance/functionality edge at the momemnt, with better legacy GPU support vs ATI, who like to drop support for dated GPU's too quickly for most Linux user's needs.

Intel's GPU support appears good at the moment, too, though performance relative to Nvidia and ATI on same vintage GPU's is an issue.

My belief is that within a year or so, recent vintage ATI GPU's may be preferred over Nvidia in Linux-land, especially with the always-improving FOSS radeon driver and their continue improvement of the Catalyst proprietary driver.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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