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I have a set of Energy Reference Connoisseur RC-10 in Rosenut real veneer finish. This are still considered one of the most amazing sounding speakers for the price and are actively compared to $1,000+ speakers. The real wood veneer Rosenut finish is absolutely beautiful. This is also quite a rare finish as most are cherry or black. Speakers were used sparingly in my Home Theatre setup and always listened to at moderate volumes. They are capable of being bi-amped and also can be hung from the wall. Some reviews can be seen here:


They are in amazing condition and look just like new. They sound perfect and better than when they were new. For condition and price these can't be beat. I'm also FIRM on my price. Thank you.


Usable Bass Response - -10dB Anechoic @ 33Hz Anechoic Sensitivity - 88dB 2 speakers in a typical room - 91dB Crossover Points - 2.4kHz Operating Range - Tweeter - 1.5kHz and >, Woofer - ~ to 3kHz Driver Complement - 1 Aluminum Dome Tweeter, 5-1/2 Kevlar Ribbed Elliptical Surround Woofer Overall Dimensions HxDxW - 13 (33cm) x 10-1/2 (27cm) x 6-11/16 (16.5cm)


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