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Energy Sub RCA jack repair

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The RCA connector on the rear of my Energy 10.3 sub is broke and spins freely.  The previous owner had a locking sub cable connected and I should have known something was up when he delivered it to me with the cable still connected.  So yes...it's my problem now.  I want to repair it myself and and upon investigation (I removed the rear plate from the sub) I noticed a grey wire (which was part of a bundle of multicolored wires) that had been disconnected from the rear of the RCA jack.  I attempted a solder repair and when I reconnected everything all I got was a constant humming sound that increased/decreased as I turned the volume up/down.  So I'd like to try and replace the simple RCA jack and bundle of connectors but I cannot reach Energy as their phone system is not accepting calls.  Any ideas where else I could turn for these simple connectors, or any ideas as to why my solder job was ineffective?  


I will repost this in the subwoofer section of the forum
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Was it working before your repair, and are you sure that the gray wire was to be connected?

Yes it worked briefly and when I moved the sub to another location in my room and tried to remove the cable I noticed that the cable would spin along with the RCA jack.  Cable was locking cable and when I went to unlock the cable it spun and I could feel some resistance so I decided not to push it.  When I got the cable removed and relocated the sub I reconnected and got power only no sound.  Upon wiggling the connector I could get sound intermittent which led me to remove the rear of the sub and this is what I saw.  The rear of the RCA jack is the gold hex nut with liquid tape applied.  Very curious as to what the silver wire is.  It's connecting the rear of the RCA to a tab on the left.  I soldered connecting the gray wire to the top of the wire coming off the top of the hex nut 


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