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Enigma in 5.1 on SACD

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According to www.enigmamusic.com the new Enigma album 'A Posteriori' will be released in December on SACD in 5.1 sound:

'Michael Cretu, the mastermind behind Enigma gave a radio interview in the last days, in Germany. In between the lines of usual questions, our master revealed some exciting details about the forthcoming editions of the sixth Enigma album 'A Posteriori''. According to Michael, the forthcoming DVD (with a current release date scheduled for December 2006) is in production and it will be mastered in 5.1 Dolby Digital by himself. The new DVD is expected to sound sensationally with even more sounds/effects to be discovered. 2 tracks of the album will be in different versions on this new DVD. There will also be a 5.1 SACD coincide with the release of the DVD, featuring a 5.1 sound mix of A Posteriori. He is expecting to finish the production of the DVD in three weeks and then he'll probably start on a third edition of the album (a limited edition) with new remixes, not dance/house type but in a surprising sound.'

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Lets home this gets released on SACD in the US.

I love Enigma, Michael Cretu is awesome composer and musician. I was reading his first ever fan interview and somebody asked about 5.1 mixes of his albums, he does say they will be coming, but no dates. Also his new studio 'The Alchemist' will be full 5.1 'mobile recording studio'. I am not sure what he means by 'mobil recording studio' but it will be 5.1 so that is definately a plus!!

Transcript of the interview

Looks like "A Posteriori" DVD is multichannel mix dvd so I think I will be ordering that!!! He is working on E7 and hopefully that will start his 5.1 path.

Just thought I would share!
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this is a nice one too - similar genre

Best of ERA (Hybrid SACD multichannel +DVD-V)
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I can only hope it's better than the dire version of MCMXC a.D.

Despite the DTS stream, that puppy sounds to me like a frankenstein mix.

Mastered in Dolby Digital?

That's an oxymoron. You mix & Master in PCM, and then - once you have spent serious time & money getting the sound right, you encode to Dolby Digital and throw away 11/12 of all your data. Waste of time.
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