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Entry Level DLP Projector... Look!

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I was given a Proxima DS-2 DLP projector ($1600 new) and I took some screen shots. For the price, it is a great entry level projector. I am projecting it onto a Da-Lite HC 60x80 screen with a home-made frame.

The theater is on a very tight budget... if you couldn't tell. New house and student loans up the @$$.

There are photos of DVD, NBC HDTV (1080i), HBO HDTV, and HD-NET. Give them a look... they are listed under the Digital Projector Theater photo section.


Click the link to view.

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what make is that projector mount?
Home Depot Rubbermade closet shelving and tie down straps... for a few bucks works great :D
I too saw this projector last night projected about 16 feet on a sheet. Was quite impressed with the picture. Watched Toy Story 1, Super Speedway, and Fifth Element Superbit via VGA connection from my HP Pentium 3 computer with DVD player (WINDVD). I tried to get my interlaced Toshiba SD2109 to play on it, but couldn't make it work.

Any ideas on how to get the DVD signal into the DS2? My regular HT used the component video outs on the SD2109, so I simply plugged S video cable in back of 2109 and into DS2, but all the Proxima said was PC Searching. Never could get it to recognize the signal.

Proxima's website say's this thing comes with a "AV Adaptor" or something like that. Any ideas on what that is, since I don't seem to have that part.

Any help on plugging DVD into DS2 and getting it to work?


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Nice pics but, you posted in the wrong forum.
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