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I am currently having an issue with my barely used EPSON Powerlite 1775W projector, and hoping to see if anyone has any ideas or suggestion for a fix!
I did a good amount of research online, but unfortunately was not able to find a working one yet...
I used the projector now and then to watch a movie but probably used less than 20 hours combined last year with total less than 300 hours in lamp usage.
And all of sudden, when I tried using my projector recently the projector shut off automatically with the power indicator ON with RED, and temperature indicator FLASHING with RED as well - sometimes less than 5 minutes into turning on (so it is still cold).
Based on the research, it seems that this is a very common for EPSON projectors so I thought there might be an easy fix, but couldn't find the exact cause just yet.
It is currently out of warranty, so EPSON told me to take it to an authorized dealer (the local one's Yelp review didn't sound too promising) or buy another one (which is also something that EPSON seems to offer to the customers with this issue).
I've done all simple suggestions as replacing/cleaning the filters, taking apart and rid of the dust on the fans/exhausts.
One thing I noticed was that right before it enters the auto shut-off, the smaller lamp fan stops spinning just right before (but it works fine up until whenever the shut off happens). So I've replaced that fan, but no luck.
So the only thing that I can think of is something is wrong with the temperature sensor, but couldn't find anything online on how to fix/replace this.
Any help would be appreciated!!!

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so, given that you've checked all that you could regarding the fans, it's likely the issue is the actual temperature sensor. Some diagrams have it with the name Thermistor. On simpler models, any equivalent thermistor will do the job. This is beyond my knowledge, as I'm unfortunately very ignorant about the actual workings of electronics, but I can tell you that usually there is 1 temp sensor near the air intake fan, and another one near the lamp, where the air goes to the exhaust fan.

In this diagram, I'm convinced it is part B0590 (exhaust) and the intake doesn't seem to be specified, but connects to cable B0090:

So at least you know which parts are the temp sensors, and you can contact part vendors to see if they can sell you these sensors.

This link shows a workaround:

Good luck!
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