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Hey guys im new here and i know i dont have any rep. Wasnt sure where to say hi but figured id try and sell on here anyway. :)

so heres the story. i had an epson 3020 projector for about 2 years. it always flickered a little, and it just got worse and worse. i contacted epson, and they replaced my projector with a refurbished one. this was maybe 2 months ago.

i now live in an apartment where i cant use the projector, and i have purchsed a tv. the projector has maybe 40 hours on it (less than 1 months use), and of course with the refurbished projector they put in a new bulb, and filter etc. this thing is like new. im askin 900 firm. i think thats a really good deal. with that you will get an extra pair of 3D glasses that i paid $85 for so that makes 3 pair of glasses total.

also i will throw in the ceiling mount i used for free if interested. Paid 100 bucks for it on amazon.

If you guys have any questions please text me! 8017356205

I can send you pics but for now I have to wait till I get home to post them here.
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