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I have an Onkyo receiver (NRTX717) that I've used for 5 years with my Epson 3020e (using the HDMI wireless connection from the receiver to the projector) until the audio chip inside it went out yesterday (known issue with the Onkyo). So, for now, I've reverted to connecting an HDMI connector from my Roku to the HDMI1 port on the projector and am using the Epson sound (pretty good for projector speakers).

I immediately noticed that the video aspect ratio of any Roku app (HBONow, Plex, Netflix, Amazon) is very "letterboxed" - very large black bars above/below the movie - since I've directly connected the HDMI cable directly to the projector. I tried adjusting the aspect ratio using the projector remote but it seems that isn't possible when using a HDMI connection.

An interesting observation is that the main Roku menu and the main menus in apps like Netflix/Amazon/Plex are not letterboxed but full screen. The movie content while viewed through my Onkyo receiver wireless connection were not letterboxed (except for the occasional movie filmed that way).

Does anyone have suggestions on why this may be and if there's a way to "fix it"??

For grins, I looked at the Roku menus and some of the apps for settings to adjust the movie aspect ratio but there are none...

Any help would be appreciated while I deal with getting a new receiver...

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