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Epson 5010 versus Panasonic AE7000 brightness aspect

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I am in the market for 3D projector. I am going to have dedicated 22*15 Ft room dedicated for home theater with completely light controlled. I had also decided to go either with Epson 5010 or Panasonic AE7000 projector. Here is my dilema which i hope someone can help clarify - In my research shows Epson 5010 is more brighter in 2D and 3D compared to Panasonic.

At the same time i am also worried about over brightness in 2D mode with Epson. In this aspect i perfer to go with Panasonic. But i hear 3D brightness with Panasonic is less compared to Epson. So i am looking for realistic feedbacks based on people actual usage with these two projectors. Also i am not planning to go for special 3D projector screen since i hear both these projecors can be used with regular Matte white 1.1 gain screen (due to usage of Active shutter 3D glasses).
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I haven't seen the AE7000 in use, but there is a write up on both being compared by Art at, http://www.projectorreviews.com/projectors/pt-ae7000_vs_Epson_HC5010/index.php

That article might give ya some insight. The Epson is very bright, and that's handy for 3D content. For 2D, running the lamp in ECO mode is still bright, and a very nice picture on my 1.3 gain white screen. Using a more aggressive iris setting will also knock the light output down as well if your interested in better blacks. I don't think you need to worry about the image being to bright, in 2D, with the Epson. My 2 cents
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