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I am buying a 5030UB projector and components for for my basement to replace a 73" DLP that went out and I need have some questions if you guys could lend me your expertise. I was considering the Sony VPL-HW40ES, but dont have the distance to project 120" from ~14ft away like the Epson does. For around $2000 the 5030UB seems like the clear winner for my distance.

I know I missed the $200 card, but I still get the free lamp if I buy tomorrow and I have a 10% movers coupon to apply so price is $2070+tax. So I figure its still worth it.

First, I am trying to decide between two recievers for the projector. Best Buy is discounting a VSX-80 down to $449 for me. Denon's AVR-X2100W is on sale now at Crutchfield and Amazon for $399. The $50 isn't a huge deal. I just need help picking between the two receivers.

Secondly, Can anyone recommend a good universal remote to run to run a Projector/Receiver Theater? I'll probably be using fixed screen, PS4 for DVD and Gaming and Direct TV for broadcast.

Also looking for a mount recommendation. Best buy is selling me Sanus Vp1-B13 mount for $229.

Lastly. I am going with a 120" fixed screen. Any thoughts on a STR-169120 Silver Ticket 120" on Amazon for $250 vs Elite Screens - SableFrame Series 120" for $384 on Amazon/BestBuy?

Thanks in advance!
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