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was wondering if people could give me advice on which of these projectors gives me the best bang for the buck. I have a $250 GC to J&R and a $100 GC to buy.com so am restricted to what they have.

@ J&R

The Epson they sell for $679.00

The Optama they sell for $639.88

The Viewsonic they sell for $689.00

The Vivitek they sell for $849.88

@buy.com the only model that is very differently price si the Epson @ $603.33 (with shipping).

Obviously, they are all fairly close to one another. The vivitek is 1080p the rest are 720p (but you guys already know that). The Optama and Viewsonic have 3d support, but unsure how valuable that really is to me at this point in time.

This will be mostly used for a HTPC setup, as don't have any video game systems (at the moment at least).

I will be using in a foyer room that really gets pretty dark, even during the day (And with a little work of putting a heavy shade over a window that is around the corner from its no door doorway, could be made pitchblack.

The projector will probably end up being about 10 feet away from the wall where it's projecting against (haven't quited figured out screen situation), so I'm not sure throw matters that much (even at 1.5, talking about a 160in by 90in area)

I've been reading a bunch of threads and there seem to be issues with aspect ratio, does that really concern me in a HTPC setup?

I'm a newbie at this, so any advice would be appreciated (including pointing to other projectors)
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