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Has anyone seen the Epson PowerLite 810p or Panasonic PT-L711XU or PT-L701XU? (press releases with specs are at Epson and Panisonic ).

These are bright ones: Epson is 2000 lumens and Panasonics are 1600 or 1200. The Epson also has sRGB color (the Mits x80 is the only other projector I've found that has it). The 701XU has a 500:1 contrast ratio (the others are 400:1) but 1200 lumens.

Here's my problem: I need to buy a projector for business (the usual PowerPoint thing and presenting room might be bright) in the next 2 to 3 weeks. I want to use it in a home theater when I don't need it for business. I need to travel with it on a plane. My HT will be my living room and I won't be able to control light overly well (I guess another reason for a bright projector).

Which projector should I get? How good is the video on each? I'm concerned about the low contrast on the Mits x80 and I can't seem to find out if it handles 480p.

I'm thinking about a GrayHawk screen (84" diag 4:3) to help with the blacks and color saturation. Also, I'd have lumens to burn with the Epson - it will give 77 ft-lamberts off the screen (that's brighter than direct view TVs, I think)!

Thanks for your help.


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