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Hopefully this is the correct forum to post this.

I just got my Epson 8345 in the mail and learned that you can not change the aspect ratio when streaming 1080p. According to the manual it's stuck on Normal and "can not be changed".

I Bought this projector mainly to have a giant-as-possible screen for mmy Xbox One (a 1080p console) so is there anything I can do for a bigger screen than the automatic size?

Also, I don't have the cable to connect my laptop yet (the only other device I'll be using wit my projector) will I atleast be able to use widescreen/zoom with that? Or am I better of returning for a different projector?(such as my second choice, the BenQ 1080, and I really don't want to go through the returning process!!!)

Tldr; 1080p - How do I zoom?!
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