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Ratings are:

8700UB = 1600

8350 = 2000

projectorcentral.com measured them as:

8700UB = 1830

8350 = 1507

projectorreview.com measured as:

8700UB = 1100 (pre-production unit)

8350 = 1378

So which projector is brighter at its dynamic setting? I am asking because this projector will see daylight usage a lot.


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It is tough to judge by ratings as there can be a good amount of bulb diference from unit to unit. If budget is a concern I'd get the 8350 and put the extra $1000 saved towards a good screen to use in ambient light. A better screen will make a bigger diference in that environment. I'm not sure what screen you are using, just a suggestion. If budget isn't a concern I'd get the 8700 and a better screen a couple hundred lumens at that lumen range won't be a big difference. Also, their ratings are with a new bulb as they age the difference will prbably be less than 100 lumens.
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