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Epson HC 720 vs Optoma HD71

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Sorry for another vs thread but I can not decided between the 2 projectors and I was hoping for some insight from this forum. I can get the epson for about $100 more than the Optoma. The projector will be in a 15' x 15' room with chocolate brown walls and offwhite ceiling. I am pretty flexible on the mounting. I do not have a screen bought yet so no details on that. There will be a small amount of ambient light to the one side that can be easily controlled.

What I am wondering is the Espon worth $100 more? Also do both projectors accept a 1080p/24 hz signal?
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What price are you looking at for each? How far will the lens be from the screen? How high above or below the screen will the lens be? the HD71 is really bright and will have a more washed out image unless you have a huge screen. Both projectors can only accept 1080i input, but who cares as they can only output 720p. If you really want a projector that accepts 1080p in that price range look at the Panasonic ax200.
It is in Canadian dollars $1099 for the epson and $979 for the optoma. The farthest the lens can be from the screen is about 14 feet or as close as 10 feet. The height doesn't matter if I get the epson it will be on a shelf behind me and the optoma would have to be ceiling mounted and the screen would be about 10 inched below the lens in this case. I am planning on a 106" screen size.

I sent an email to both optoma and epson and they both stated that the projectors accept the 1080p signal but neither said if it accepts the 24 hz. The reason I am asking is that I want to be able to hook up my ps3, which goes through my 2308 denon receiver and not have to change any of the settings on the ps3 or the receiver.
You can always just output 1080p/60 from the PS3 if the projectors don't accept 1080p/24. My Optoma HD70 (HD32 in canada) does accept 1080p/24 if that helps at all.

My choice would be the Epson unless you have a huge screen (130"+) and need the brightness of the Optoma.

You might want to go to projectorreviews.com and read the reviews of each.
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