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I am selling the Epson Home Cinema 5020 UB and a 106" Elite High Gain Screen. I have used this setup in my living room where I have moderate ambient light. I love my setup, but my wife feels it is overkill for the living room. As we all know a Happy Wife is a Happy Life. Sadly, I am selling this setup. For those that don't know this projector does very well with ambient light. I use the projector on Eco mode and have no problem viewing during the day. As you can see with the first picture there are windows on each side of the screen that we never draw the shades on. Picture really is one you have to see to appreciate.

I bought the Epson projector new for $2,999 from Projector People and will sell it for $1,500. The Elite High Gain Screen was bought new for $999 from Elite directly and I will sell this for $500. If someone wants to buy both the screen and the projector together, I will let them go for $1,800 plus $100 dollars for shipping. I live in the San Diego CA area. If someone in the nearby area wants to meet and exchange the projector/screen they can save on shipping.

Shipping is going to cost $100. The price for these items is firm so please don't try and negotiate.


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