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When I first got my projector it was set to Dynamic mode out of the box so I visited this forum and saw a thread called "Epson 720 tweak thread". I have since applied the settings posted by Quebecanada and was pretty pleased with the results until tonight.

I was watching an NHL game on TV and I noticed that the ice looked kind of dull. More of a washed out grey than a nice, crisp, white. I toggled between a few of the different color modes and Living Room seemed to have a TON of "pop" by comparison. The colors aren't exactly bang-on but it did look much brighter. I noticed the same difference when I popped in the Band of Brothers BluRay. The guys white t-shirts actually looked white and not light grey! I should also mention that my room is 100% dark.

My questions are....does anyone have their HC720 setup nicely in Living Room mode? Also, how much bulb life am I sacrificing if I use one of the brighter modes?
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