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Epson Movie Mate 25

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I know most of the folks on this forum are into more "serious" projectors but as someone who is thinking about jumping into FP for the first time the Epson Movie Mate 25 looks like a great way to start. Yes its only 480p and its a LCD, but it has lens shift, it's apparently quiet, it has a short throw lens and a built in DVD player plus it comes with a screen. 1200 lumens is pretty bright also from what I can gather (I may use it during the day at times with a lot of ambient light). Is this projector not getting a lot of attention here (did a forum search) because its too HTIB-like?

I'd like to jump in around this price range and frankly it seems hard to beat at this price point. I see that there is little flexibility in the inputs but I am just wanting to watch the occasional movie on the big screen.

(edited after original post) Well after a bit of research on the forum I have 3 other contenders to compare...the Infocus SP5000, optoma H31, Infocus 4805...What other projectors should I look at in this range.
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Yup this seems a nice product but another writer stated that the screendoor effect is imminent at 100' - -- > Wish there was a review on this with some screenshots.

The Optoma on the other hand also looks good i.e. movietime dv10 -- > wish there were more screenshots of it.

Also the H27 is supposed to be new - but lower contrast and lumin to dv10.

I nearing a decision to buy either of these -- Just want something for my room -- 60 to 80inch is good enough for me.. Its hard to decided... I like the package for the Optoma Movietime+ Epson Moviemate -- both come with screens - 92inch gray wolf for optoma and 80in epson portable screen...

If anyone knows of any screen demos of the epson moviemate pls post it here..

thks brgds

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Hi all,

I have Optoma DV10 along with Dalite Insta-Theater 73" diag Wide Power

PQ is awesome. My seat is about 13ft from screen - I start see pixels from 8ft

Playing DVD from the unit yield smooth image, natural color, good black.

I try to mimic *plasma* for cheap :)

My in-law comment was "the picture looks much better than my (his) Mits 65" HDTV CRT"


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