Epson has officially unveiled the Pro Cinema 6050UB, the company's top home theater projector model. This new projector is very similar to the Pro Cinema 5050UB projector, but it carries a slightly higher dynamic contrast specification (1,200,000:1), comes with a longer warranty (3 years) that includes 2-day replacement, a spare bulb and a ceiling mount. This model is aimed at the custom integrator channel, with the expectation that it will be professionally installed in a home theater, or perhaps a living room with a drop-down screen.

The Pro Cinema 6050UB accepts a 4K signal and supports HDR. While not a native 4K projector, this model accepts 4K content, including HDR and 4K/60. It uses Epson's 1080p LCD imagers and pixel-shift technology to both increase apparent resolution on screen, and to make the pixel grid invisible. This projector largely shares the feature set of the Pro-UHD 5050UB, including advanced HDR processing and a highly flexible motorized lenses that can precisely zoom and position and focus the image on screen.

This projector is able to reproduce the P3 color gamut (used in commercial cinema) in its entirety when deploying its cinema filter—with some loss of peak brightness. With more lumens are needed, it can produce highly saturated color with full light output. Furthermore, Epson says that it’s UltraBlack Contrast tech allows for a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,200,000:1 (in a lab or ideal room, typical real-life contrast numbers are lower).

Full-bandwidth HDMI 2.0 (18GHz) allows for 4K/60 playback, which is great for streaming 4K and gaming. The Home Cinema 5050UBe comes equipped with a Epson WirelessHD transmitter with 4K/30 support and four inputs.

What really sets this projector apart from competing offerings is how well it handles HDR. Epson has equipped it with the new HDR processor that maintains a 10-bit video pipeline right up until the final stage where it uses 12 bit processing. The result is a very clean, artifact free picture up on screen.

On the day of the unveiling of the Pro Cinema 6050UB, Epson came to Manhattan and hosted AVS Forum members for a first look at this new home theater projector. Scenes from planet Earth two, Avengers Infinity War and Greatest Showman were shown in a home theater setting, with a focus on HDR and peak light output. The image on the screen absolutely sparkled, with specular highlights having met HDR pop to them. Thanks to the expert calibration by Kevin Miller, color tones were spot on accurate. The demo paid particular attention to skin tones and faces, as well as how well the projector teases out shadow detail.

Without question, the last thing on your mind when watching it is whether it's a native 4K projector, or not. That's because the combination of high brightness, high contrast, and high quality image processing produces a picture that—taken as a whole—leaves movie lovers feeling very satisfied. It's a projector that is available at a very reasonable price given its capabilities, especially in consideration of the cost typically associated with obtaining high-quality projection in the custom integration market.

Epson made a particular point of noting that using 1080p LCDs and pixel-shifting allows it to deliver more light to the screen, and produce the projector at a lower price point while still equipping it with features—like a motorized lens that has highly accurate motors for repeatable aspect ratio changes—that are not even available on the least expensive native 4K projectors. Epson also emphasizes that is improved the pixel shifting by effectively speeding up the transition between two pixel positions. At the New York event, Epson showed how this worked, and even flew in engineers from Japan to answer any questions about the technology in its projectors.

And notably, at the end of the event, through a raffle, Epson gave away a Pro Cinema 6050UB to AVS Forum member @Dante Williams. Congratulations!

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