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Epson, panasonic, sanyo reliability

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First off, I am debating on the Epson 1080 sanyo plv2000 and the panny ae2000. May even downscale that to the 720p models if no one really sees any difference in them. I seem to be getting closer to either the epson or sanyo because I seem to see a lot of threads with individuals having quality control issues with their panny. I have also seen some issues with the z2000 with a focusing problem. Are these widespread or is it just a few instances? Which leaves the epson. I have yet to see many problems with this company, am I missing something here. This will be my first projector. I have been studying these forum for over a year and I am just waiting for the right one to come along. I really want to have 1080p with 24 fps, but how much of that is smoke and mirrors. Does the judder actually disappear with this or does it just slow it down. In other words would I notice this problem with the epson since it only accepts 24fps and converts to 60. I have the panasonic bd 30 right now which is able to do the 24fps. I have so many questions but don't want to start 50 different threads for each specific question. Mostly I want to know the reliability issue and if 24fps is worth the hype. I saw a 120fps lcd the other day it totally amazed me with its ability to completely get rid of the judder. Do the projectors do this as well? Well sorry for the ADHD questioning, but the help would be appreciated. Thanks
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well I can say ive had my z3 just under 3 years, and though i hear about issues with honoring warrantys for some, i had no issues. I sent my unit in 2 times, first time about 7 months ago i had a blue polarizer replaced, then last week it was really looking bad, sent it in again, they replaced the lcd panel inside, now it looks brand new, no questions when the unit was in, both times I sent the unit in on Monday, had it back on Friday. However, epson has a overnight replacement program that sounds amazing, so my next unit will most likely be an Epson
thanks for the reply. My predicament is simply I have a beautiful 65 inch rear projection which has a wonderful pic, but like everyone else I want the movie screen size. Just afraid I won't be satisfied with the quality of the picture since I have never got to see a decent projector demonstrated. I live in nowhereville about twenty miles from the stix. The closest store bbuy or cc is 45 min drive and they never have anything set up well and that's it. Anyway. I have a room that is completely light controlled in my basement. I built a theater down there before I got married. Anyway I ran hdmi cables into the ceiling and it would be ashame not to ceiling mount a projector there. ONLY thing keeping me away from pulling the trigger is the possible picture quality with lights on, (I can dim them) and how long they last and I would like it to be 1080p 24fps under 2600 bucks. If I were to buy either of these new projectors would I be satisfied with the picture compared to my tv and feel like my money spent was worth it. The Tv I have is not 1080p. Thanks guys.
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I can also testify to Sanyo's quality.

I've had a z3 for three years, no problems at all. I can't speak to the warranty service.

I have also gone with Epson for my (on its way) replacement. The overnight replacement program was a big thing for me. I did strongly consider the Z2000, I chose against as I'm excited to see what the 1080 UB can do.
I can't speak for the 1080 models, but researching 720p models lead me to Epson. Truth be told, if the Panny AX200 had better reliability reports and a stronger warranty, I'd have gone with that. The Epson's overnight replacement program won me over, so I went with an HC720. From what I gather, Epsons seem to be reliable.......I'd think they'd want them to be as that overnight stuff costs them some $.
I too am strongly considering the Epson 720 - I like the fact that I can purchase an extended warranty for the unit (based on the overnight replacement policy), see the extended warranty links on this product page .
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