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The answer here may be simple, in which case I may have a few hairs left that I haven't pulled-out...

For years I've used my "old" Epson 9000i PJ with only the VGA input and life has been good. I finally broke down and got Comcast Digital with HD, running on a Motorola 6200 STB. The problem is that I get "No Signal" when I connect the PJ to the STB through the component input - unless I drop the output on the STB to 480i, which should eliminate bad cabling as a suspect. If I set the output on the STB to 480p, 720p, or 1080i I get "No Signal". The manual says it supports HD signals up to 1080i (it's native res is 1366 x 1024). When I set the input type on the PJ (dual use connection) to YRyBy I get no signal. The other option is RGBHV, which actuall does give me an an actual HD picture - but all Green. I've read somewhere that "Y R-Y B-Y" is not exactly the same as "YPbPr". It sucks to be this clueless...
Any help/advice/witty sarcasm is appreciated.

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