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Read through the Powerlite threads and I didn't see any settings suggestions. I am using mainly as everyday TV and Movies through PS3. My Setup:

Directv Hd DVR

Sony 5.1 Audio Receiver with 3 HDMI ports

Polk Audio Sound Bar

Harmon Kardon Sub

Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 1080 NOT UB


Bedroom with blinds with dark curtains always covering windows.

I am coming from a Infocus IN72.

When I go to info watching directv the resolution seems to be 1025 or 755 interlaced I am only getting 1080 resolution through PS3 movies.

If anyone has there settings for directv that would also help IE which signals you have selected native on/off

I have it set up not for the picture to not be enlarged all the way out on projector, only about half way.

Thanks in advanced.
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