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hello !

ive been doing some reading between the epson 6010 and the new one 6020ub , theyre

identical the only diference is the contrast ratio wich jumps from 200,000:1 to 320,000:1

is this really a huge important factor or diference in terms of when u watch the movie ?

do u really notice the jump ?

is the image quality and pureness really that better ?

ive seen the 6010 in action and it looks amazing , i havent seen the 6020 yet

has anyone been able to watch or compare the contrast ratio of the 6020ub with the one

on the 6010 ?

The picture quality difference between the 6020 and 6010 is noticeable ? ...

meaning much better ? with a 120,000 :1 c ratio difference ?

or is it minor or unnoticeable ?

is it or not enough of a difference. in picture quality etc between the 6020 and 6010

is not that noticeable ... or much better with a 120,000 :1 c ratio difference ?

so would it or woudnt make much of a difference in in picture quality or the contrast ratio

between the 2 projectors ?

the 6010 pj is superb amazing picture quality .. is the 6020 not really a big difference ?

would i even be able to tell the difference ?
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