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Hello all

Excuse me to ask for help in my first post.

The Summer project is to set up a Home Theater.

Room is ready, new Leather couch arrived ,1.80 meters screen is ready.

A Epson projector TW6100 full HD supports HDMI and a Yamaha RX-V350 receiver with 5 speakers and Subwoofer are also ready.

The Receiver is ten years old and has not HDMI port but it has optical Dolby and the sound is fantastic. actually was bought as kit with a Yamaha DVD player which does not support fullHD and is the reason to be replaced.

Our needs:

-Play DVD Movies in full HD

-Play Pictures, videos AVCHD from an external Hard Drive.

No needed:

-WiFi or any Wireless connection, we will be happy to use wires.

This DVD player looks like could fit in the package: Panasonic DMP-BDT120 , this DVD player has HDMI port, USB port, Optical cable port, etc.

but this makes me insecure:

"The 1080/24p output ensures judder free movement when used with a compatible TV. "

Does this mean, less quality when used with the Epson projector?

My uneducated idea is to connect for Video : the DVD player to the Projector via HDMI / and connect for Audio : the DVD player to the receiver via optical cable.


Our Desktop HP elite Blu-Ray broke down and is not worth to repair due the high cost (motherboard, graphic card and more are in one piece integrated).

Our Notebook Mac pro does not support AVCHD and it runs hot and noisy when plays a DVD. The Plan was to get a Mac Pro desktop and run the projector with it as well but Apple does not sell Mac Pro Desktops in Central Europe any longer and they gave me my money back.

No body knows when will be this Mac Pro Towers back in business, but i wish the Panasonic DVD player be compatible with MAC

what DVD player is suitable?

Thank you for your time and sorry fro the long post.
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