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As I'm borrowing my boss' better front three speakers and sub, to play with, while he puts in basement drain tile, I decided to play with Real EQ Wizard & BFD and do some compression tests, see how much I can smooth out response with the addition of his sub in the rear of the room, etc.

Most of the methodology discussed when running REW involve just the front left and front right speakers, in stereo, which is what I've done in the past.

But after reading an article on audioholics about sub calibration, and realizing lately how important the center speaker is for home theater, I decided to re-do REW with the center in Pro Logic II mode.

I feel like I hear a difference in the center presentation. Voices and gun shots are more full and less anemic. Certainly in the graphs, I have filled in a big dip in mid-bass and gotten rid of a hump.

Running REW for stereo, I can see a bit more waviness for the front left and right, but not too bad. So I imagine music in movies / TV will be a little sacrificed, but I feel that with my 90% movies/TV 10% music mix, this is entirely appropriate.
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