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Equalizer and Redmere

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I am currently trying to run a video card with mini hdmi to my TV that is 30 feet away. The cord runs through a hole in the floor so connector size does matter somewhat. I first bought 2 15 footers, ( http://www.amazon.com/15FT-HDMI-Mini-cable-Plated/dp/B008XM8INS/ref=sr_1_25?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1392041373&sr=1-25&keywords=mini+hdmi+15+ft ) so it would be easier to fish the mini end through the floor. I then added a mini female to standard male adapter and coupled it with a passive equalizer. ( http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041914&p_id=2849&seq=1&format=2 ) There is some sparkling in the screen. A friend then lent me a 24 awg cl2 rated 50 foot "high speed" cable, but could not receive any picture at all. I then added the equalizer to the end of that with a 3 ft cord and i had a great picture, but i noticed some jitter when watching movies, that was not present when I temporarily moved my computer closer for testing reasons. So I am figuring the extra 23 feet in length isn't helping my cause. So now i'm looking into Redmere. My question is, can a Redmere cable be used in conjunction with an un-powered equalizer? I was thinking about using one of my existing 15 ft cables, then adding my equalizer, then attaching a 15 ft slim redmere the rest of the way.( http://www.monoprice.com/Product?c_id=102&cp_id=10255&cs_id=1025503&p_id=9891&seq=1&format=2 ) Will the equalizer boost the Redmere cable even more, or will it actually degrade the picture? My other though was a 30 foot Redmere for the entire run with an adapter at the PC, but I am trying to stay around the $20 range, considering I already bought adapters and cables that I now cannot use. A third, less likely option, is to buy a 25 foot high speed 24awg cable and a 5 footer and use the equalizer and mini adapter. You people on this forum are experts, so any thoughts or opinions would be much appreciated.

options in preferred order

Option 1 PC--->15 foot high speed---->equalizer--->15 foot redmere---->TV

Option 2 PC--->mini adapter--->25 foot high speed--->equalizer--->6 foot high speed--->TV

Option 3 PC--->mini adapter--->30 foot redmere--->TV
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High Speed HDMI cables (passive) are only certified to 25', so anything above that is suspect. CL2 is just a fire rating I believe and has nothing to do with the cable's specs. You can run standard cables longer than 25' but once you start going thru adapters and other devices, the signal will probably degrade somewhat. Redmere cables are active in that they have a chipset in the sink end (TV side) that draws some power from the sink. I don't think you can daisy-chain Redmere because the sink end has to be connected to some sort of powered device. Hopefully Andy can give you a better description and a possible fix.
You should use a powered adapter if using one at all as passive adapters are pulling power from the HDMI connection which may not work.

With a Redmere cable, which would also be pulling power from the HDMI connection, you definitely should expect that an equalizer will not work, but it also should not be necessary because of the equalizer built into the Redmere cable itself.

I would probably go with a cable like this if you want solid results:

The need for a mini HDMI connection at the end really messes things up a fair bit IMO as you really will need some sort of adapter for the last foot or so, and perhaps a coupler, all of which degrades signal integrity.

Minimize couplers, connectors, and maximize cable thickness.

Still, you may want to go with a single Redmere cable like this one:

But, be aware that you want retro-access to it as there is no guarantee that the electronic elements which are built in will work forever.
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Awesome answers thank you. My thinking was that maybe 2 equalizers (redmere and passive coupler) would be better than 1, but then again for 30ft 2 shouldn't be necessary. I guess eventually the power supplied would be sucked dry by adding more passive equalizers/redmere cables without external power. I agree, the mini connection does mess things up, but unfortunately that is all my video card has to offer for both sound and video.
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