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Hi all,

I'm getting closer to having my house done so I'm getting more excited about my new HT. I currently have nothing so I need to buy everything. The only piece of audio equipment I care to use is a 200 disc CD changer (and I'm even open to that).

I'll plan on getting a RP DLP HDTV for viewing (leaning towards a Samsung, Mitsubishi, or JVC DILA). I also am pretty set on getting DirecTV with HDTV and Tivo. I'm open to all of my other equipment. I heard some Paradigm speakers at a local store and they sounded real nice so I was going to go with those. They would be the Mini Monitor for the front bookshelf speakers, the CC170V3 for the center channel, the PDR10V3 for the sub, and the ADP170 for the rears (mounted on stands). I have extra speakers run to the kitchen, dining room, master bedroom, and deck for distributed audio (along with control pads).

I'd like to be able to run the surround sound in the great room and also play music in the distributed audio rooms. I was recommended the Denon AVR3805 for my main receiver since it has multizones and a Yamaha HTR5730 to power the distributed audio. Do I really need the second receiver or will the AVR3805 be able to handle the extra speakers? The AVR3805 is real nice but is it overkill for a newbie? I'm coming from a 27" Sony with no surround sound. Actually, I'm coming from a 20" piece of cra* since my Sony died a few months ago. Are there any other receivers I should take a look at?

What about a DVD player? What should I be looking at for that? I'd like to go ahead and replace the one I have and put it downstairs with the little 20" TV. I was recommended the Sony DVPNC685V but I'm not sure it is what I need.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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