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We have bought a house with 7 rooms wired for sound (2 speakers in each room). The seller was operating the entire house off just a 2 input plate. This concerned me so I had a company come out and look at the wiring. Fortunately behind the plate, all the wires were in place, but just jury rigged to work off 2 inputs and a Yamaha RX457 receiver.

I have been told I need to get the right plates for the 7 sets of speakers which should therefore have 7x4=28 inputs. My questions are:

1. DO I really need plates with 28 inputs?

2. What sorts of speaker wire plates do I need. What is a good brand? Should I get 2 sets of 12 and then a plate with 4?

3. I have been told I need a receiver, amplifier and speaker selector? DO I need a separate receiver and amp, or can I get both in 1?

4. I am contemplating a 2 zone system. 1 zone for home theater and one for the rest of the house. This assumes I listen to the same music on the second zone in the rest of the house. Is a 2 zone adequate? How many zones can you get above 2? Is it worth getting something with more zones?

5. What are good amps and receivers? I am not a sound puritan and just need a good middle of the road set? Can someone guide me on some options?

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