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Equipment Room Monitor

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Not sure whether this goes in here, or in another area, but someone doing a build may have considered this question. [if this needs to be in another area, Mods please move it]

I am finishing my theater build, and my equipment is in an adjoining closet to the theater. I would like to use an older VGA flat screen computer monitor in the room as a display for the closet (so I can start movies, tweak things, etc and see what is showing on my screen in the theater without going in and out). I really just think it would be a cool use of the old monitor

I am using a Denon 4310 receiver, so ideally I would "plug" the monitor into the second HDMI output on the receiver. Of course this is an issue because it is a VGA 15 pin plug on the monitor.

Anyone using a converter cable for taking a digital HDMI signal and displaying it on a VGA analog monitor--I don't need sound, just the video. HDCP is clearly an issue.

Looking for a converting cable that will allow this hookup. Any suggestions from the pros?
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HDFURY II is what you need (HDMI to VGA).
Why would you waste the second HDMI output on the monitor? Just use the S-Video or composite.
Thx--HDFury II seems to be the ticket for HDMI.

As for using the S video or composite--I will have to read my 4310 manual. Didn't think I could pump HDMI from a cable box or blueray player into the HDMI input, and HDMI out to my projector, and still get an S vid signal to the monitor at the same time. If I can, then I agree that might be the ticket. In any event, I don't currently have another use for the second HDMI output in that space.
for the cost of the HDFury II, just go pick up another monitor (with DVI) or a small used tv with component in. no point in spending ~$200 to simply use an outdated monitor.
Yep--when I saw the cost of the HDFury II, I came to the same conclusion. I can get a usable 19-22" monitor with component and HDMI inputs for around the same price.

Thanks for the replies.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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