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Hello everyone, I'm Eric from Dayton, Ohio. I take care of a super cool
place with a super neglected AV system. We area a family-owned and
family-friend (me) maintained banquet hall/museum with an eclectic automotive
theme. It's called the Taj Ma Garaj. The owner of the facility passed away about a year
and a half ago, and I've convinced the family to hand me the keys and take
a shot at getting the place in top shape again.

As far as I can tell, the AV system was last updated about ten years ago and
besides showing its age, is not performing well. There are 6 rooms and an
outdoor deck, three of the rooms have Sonance Navigator K2 keypads
controlling local components and the other spaces are receiving signals
to local amps only. Two rooms have projectors and a combo of CRT TVs and
one plasma TV are thrown in the mix.

My goal is to improve reliability, useability, and add a few features that are
IMHO, sorely missing. I love DIY projects and I'm a bit of a control freak.

I've been lurking around the AVS Forums and am impressed by how helpful
everyone is and I hope you'll all have patience with my newbie questions as
I undertake this revamp. If anyone is passing through Dayton and would like to stop
in, let me know.
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