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Hi all....

I have a three month old BDP-BX58. It is connected via HDMI to a Samsung PN59D8000 and optical to my B&K Ref10 processor.

More often than not, when I first put in a blu-ray after powering on, the audio is choppy until I go to the Home menu and visit Audio Settings. I don't have to change anything. For example I click on Audio (HDMI) and simply return back to the DVD.

I have the following settings:

Audio = PCM

DSD = Off

BD Audio Mix = Off

Dolby Digital = Dolby Digital

DTS = Downmix PCM

DST Neo:6 = Off

Audio DRC = Off

Downmix = Surround

When I return to playback after visiting the audio settings the blu-ray usually plays perfectly.

Firmware is up to date.

Any idea what the problem might be?
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