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Escape From New York: SE is being CENSORED & EDITED!

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According to DVD File ( http://www.dvdfile.com/software/dvd-....html#10162001 ) the upcoming Escape From New York Special Edition DVD is being re-edited and censored to remove all references to terrorists hijacking the president's plane and smashing it into a skyscraper. The worst thing is, MGM won't let Carpenter comment on this omission/change on the DVD, or allow him to prevent its release b/c MGM has the sole rights to the film.

This is insane! I nearly went ballistic a few weeks ago when I heard that a Simpsons episode featuring the Twin Towers was going to be pulled from syndication, and now this! They should not be allowed to edit a classic in this way. If they are concerned about releasing the film in the current phase we are all going through, they should just postpone the release as opposed to actually going out and inserting scenes unauthorized by Carpenter, in addition to removing key elements to one of the film's subplots. Is there anyone else that thinks this is ridiculous? If so, let's get a letter campaign started on MGM to stop them in their tracks. We did it with Willy Wonka, and we can do it here too.

- Drvais
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The DVDFile article is wrong (shame on them for such sloppy reporting) and they've made a half-assed retraction. They should have had a clue when their "story" talked about Fangoria issue #155, and the current issue is said to be #207.

Here's a link to more on this:

Thanks for the link, I am SO relieved right now.
DVDfille has corrected themselves today on the site. I concur with the notion that this was extremely sloppy reporting and should have been double checked.

BUT- i do applaud their attempt to spotlight another "example" of censorship. They had good intent. So- maybe they will place some heat on universal for the current E.T. debacle.
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