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ESPN Monday night broadcast

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It seems ESPN's HD broadcast tonight is considerably better this week as compared to the awfull Saints/Falcons game. At least on Dish Network, that is.
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its very choppy for me on DirecTV. All the other HD channels are fine. :mad:
same espn broadcast game baseball and football issues...looks like crap.

same game on abc here in philly area......no noise in pic but blurry...very strange.

at least on atlanticbb cable carrier.
im here in philly and i actually think that the coverage is the best yet. On ESPN, the picture is very crisp, but the local broadcast on ABC is very blurry. ESPN looks very nice though
My DirecTV signal looks like crap again. Last year was 10 times better. When is this going to get change?
Watching via WOW cable, Cleveland on 42" HD plasma. Looks much better than the Saints debacle last week, but still problems with the skycam and the long shots looking grainy/artifacted.

I checked D* briefly at the start of the game and it's the same old story there... somewhere between mediocre to crappy.

This is disappointing considering the very good PQ of the Saturday OSU game on ABC OTA.
Looks fine here in Chattanooga via Comcast. Not as good looking as Sunday Night Football last year, but an improvement on what they have been broadcasting the past few weeks.
Looks great on D* here in Los Angeles.
I was impressed with it on Comcast. I hope the baseball playoffs look as good or better.
Originally Posted by elvisisded
Looks great on D* here in Los Angeles.

looks great in ny too
direct looks good here north of houston.

Who do I need to contact in order for them to show the cheerleaders more often and for longer periods of time??? :D
espnhd was hitting around 17Mbit/s on Dish Network tonight. Game looked better than the last few MNFs.
Yea game looked better than last weeks game but still the crowd in the background looks like sd most of the time especially from the 50 yard cam. I wish they could just put it altogether for a great pic. The grass isn't to bad some times looks good.
I was quiet happy with the game on Comcast in Pittsburgh.

ESPN has the difficultly that the game is at night with less light. This implies that the cameras have to use a higher sensitivity and/or a larger apeature. Sensitivity is more notise and the Larger apeature would make more stuff out of focus. I think that is why the crowd is out of focus.

Originally Posted by kevbo1861
My DirecTV signal looks like crap again. Last year was 10 times better. When is this going to get change?
Change your pj bulb :cool:

In Philadelphia the ESPN feed was carried on WPVI-DT. The ESPN version was one or two seconds ahead of WPVI. Also, the WPVI feed seem to get weird blurring when some graphics were first displayed and would then clear up.
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