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I'm looking for a 42" plasma.

I'm definitely more particular than most people about image quality, in all respects. Are there any particular features I should look for to ensure a good picture?

For example: Panasonic, which seem to get lots of good reviews...all their 42"s have 'Motion Pattern Noise Reduction'.

Their higher-end 42"s have things like '600Hz Sub-field Drive', '24p Playback (2 : 3)', 'Pro Setting', 'ISFccc', 'Sub Pixel Control'.

Do I need any of this stuff?

My main uses will be:

- dvds: lots of old movies, 1930s-70s, that may not be on Blu-Ray for quite some time. New movies, too. I'll be gradually phasing in Blu-Ray.

- TV: Sitcoms, documentaries. So far I've never paid attention to what's available on HD since I have an ancient CRT TV.

- Netflix, maybe Hulu+

- No games

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