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On for all the HS10 experts.

I have a HS10 which I am using in the UK.

Here is the setup:

SKY Digbox Scart RGB RGBHV Plasma Screen Convertor HS10 RGBHV ports.

Here is the problem:

Not played with any of the service settings ( Too much of a coward will wait until I get more info )

Picture is great apart from horizontal hold. I am getting a 480i picture but as the source digibox is outputing UK spec the picture is rolling at a high rate if knots.

720x567 pixals dvb compliant.

Here is the question:

1. How do I fix the hhold?

2. How do I get he RGBHV port to accept the digibox output?

3. Is it possible tweek it?

4. If i force to 1080i mod what will happen?

5. Can I damage the HS10 with the SKI dogibox signal?

All suggestions are welcome with the following exeptions.

1. Scan convertor.

2. HTPC. (Fancy scan convertor) will do this as last resort :p

Ta All


I am using a PAL to NTSC convertor at the moment. Not the best but it works.
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Not open for further replies.