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European Equivalent Epson 8350 - Paint Mix in Europe

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Hi guys!

About six years ago, I spent a lot of time in this forum. I didn't post much, but I read a lot and followed all the great debates of the day. Then I bought a roll-down for our old house and called it a day.

Now we've moved. I just bought an Epson TW3200, which is very similar to the Home Cinema 8350 in the US. (Max Lumens somewhere in the 2000-1800 range.)

I have it ceiling mounted in a non-light controlled room - that is, we can close the shutters and curtains to reduce light, but during a sunny day, there'll still be enough to read a book - and even at night, there is so much "rebound" from the screen that you can look around the room and see everythign in it.

I'm connected to a HTPC.

I'd like to use it sometimes during the day for gaming or daytime movie watching, more often in the evening for movie-watching.

Distance projector to screen: ca. 380cm.

Screen width (16:9): ca. 227cm

I'm having to use some tele - maybe about 20-15% - but I can't mount any closer.

I have a clear wall to use - can't paint the wall, but I can hang a screen.

I even have an HVLP set - Wagner - cheap, but I think it'll do.

Right now, I'm projecting straight onto the wall, which is not much good - glossy off-white paint and bad hot-spotting. What I'd like to do is, ideally, buy a white, sort of PVC plate stuff from the hardware store - not too expensive and quite light. Hang it from the wall, spray up a nice couple coats, add a thin, matte-black edge. If I can't get the PVC stuff at the right size, I could buy MDF and do the same - I'm just hoping I can get something this big at a reasonable price.

Now, my biggest problem: I live in Switzerland, so I don't have access to the paints you guys use for your custom brews in North America. There ARE a few Goo dealers in the country, but their stuff is riotously expensive.

OTOH, I know some paint shops around, so if I had some kind of exact specifications, I might be able to get whatever colors you guys use ...

What would you guys recommend?

BTW, I'm willing to do two coats. But I don't want to spend a lot of time experimenting. About six years ago I spent an insane amount of time and money experimenting with the paint mixes that were "in" on this forum. (I got some good results, actually - but I was also spraying onto roll-up black-out cloth, and I just never got the wrinkles out.) Anyway, I don't have time to experiment with color mixes this time round. I need to be able to measure, mix, load, spray, wait, spray again, and call it a day.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi Mike,

Sorry I missed this as it was posted.

Dulux makes a paint called "Absolute White" that should be available.

In the DIY Screen sticky at the top of this Forum you can find specific formulas for simple Neutral Grays. Also there are some other suggested paints from "over there" to consider.

Overview those items, and if you care to, post again for any clarification or additional help and/or suggestions.
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