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Ever-Changing Theater Design Produces Italian Masterpiece

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Ever-Changing Theater Design Produces Italian Masterpiece

By Lisa Montgomery
Plans don't have to be set in stone to net a theater that'll knock your socks off.

When the owners of this theater began laying out plans for a 2,000-square foot addition to the upper level of their house, they knew they wanted part of that space to go toward an entertainment room. Exactly what kind of entertainment room, they weren't sure.

He was leaning toward just hanging a plasma on the wall, but she wanted a screen in the 100-inch range, says Murray Kunis of Los Angeles-based Future Home, the firm hired by the owners to guide them through the process. Also in question was how elaborate to make the decor.

Their initial design criteria was to keep the room extremely simple, says Kunis. They figured why to go the trouble when you're going to have the lights off anyway. Plus, that would leave them with more money to spend on the gear.

In the end, the couple agreed to go bigincorporating a 12.5-foot wide Stewart Filmscreen screen into the 425-square-foot room, and did a complete 180 with their plans for the decor. After visiting private theaters of some of Kunis' other clients, the couple realized that there would, in fact, be many times when they'd watch the screen with the lights onlike during sporting events. At that point, the design took on a life of its own, says Kunis.

Inspired by the architecture of the buildings she had seen during her many trips to Italy, the lady of the house began collecting molding and other details to work into the room design.

With each new piece she brought home, the room changed, says Kunis. The project may have taken a little longer to complete than had we followed a solid plan, but there were advantages to doing it the way we did.

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