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EVOdemux & frame rate

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I'm new to EVOdemux and I think I'm not handling frame rate properly.

I have some EVOs which I want to convert to something playable on my PC (ex; .m2ts). From what I hear, the starting point is EVOdemux. I have v0.628.

Choosing my smallest EVO as an example, I have included the EVOdemux Status window at the bottom of this post.

EVOdemux says at the beginning that the EVO is 12 minutes and 32 seconds long. I've watched this video before and I know that to be an accurate time. EVOdemux also says that it is a VC-1 video with a frame rate of 23.976. So far, so good.

Toward the bottom of this EVOdemux analysis are two lines; counted frames and calculates frames.

First, let's talk about the counted frames line. EVOdemux physically counted 22,540 frames. Then, EVOdemux did some fps math to determine that, using a frame rate of 23.976, the video is now 15 minutes and 40 seconds long? Why is this different than the real video length?

Now, let's talk about the next line, calculated frames. EVOdemux calculated 18,035 frames. If I do the fps math myself, at 23.976, this exactly matches the real video length. Why are the calculated frames different than the counted frames?

I'm new to EVOdemux. Can someone help me understand these lines? I want to make sure I get the EVOdemux step right before I use tsMuxer to make my .m2ts.

Opening file CONCERT_PT1_2.EVO
File size: 1981 Mbytes.
VOB number 9 contains 1 video and 2 audio streams.
PTM of first video frame = 1BE006EB
PTM of last video frame = 1FE90A9B
Duration = 0:12:32.218
VC-1 video stream 0 found!
   First PTS = 1BE006EB
   Substream id = 55
   Profile = Advanced
   Level = 3
   Chroma Format = 4:2:0
   Size = 1920x1080
   Display size = 1920x1080
   Aspect ratio = 1:1 (square samples)
Frame Rate = 23.976 (24000/1001)
DTS HD (DTS) audio stream 1 found!
   First PTS = 1BDFEC0F  (+47721782ms)
   Substream id = 89
   PCM core samples = 32
   PCM sample blocks = 16
   Primary frame byte size = 2011
   Channel arrangement = C + L + R + Ls + Rs
   Sampling frequency = 48 kHz
   Transmission bitrate = 1536 kbit/s
   LFE channel = present (IF:64)
   Encoder software rev. = 7, Current
   Source PCM resolution = 24 bits
LPCM audio stream 0 found!
   First PTS = 1BDFECC3  (+47721784ms)
   Substream id = A0
   Number of frame headers = 9
   First acces unit pointer = 0006
   Emphasis = off, mute = off
   Frame number = 1
   Quantization length = 16 bits
   Sampling frequency = 48 kHz
   Number of audio channels = 2

22540 counted frames (0:15:40.106) in video stream 0.
18035 calculated frames in video stream 0.

Reading HVA00001.VTI
7 VTS_EVOB_ATRs found.
10 VTS_EVOBIs found.
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