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Ex-CRT projector nerd planning dedicated media room (~12.2x14ft)

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Howdy fellow AV folks,

the basic specs:
12.2x14ft dedicated media room, 100% light control, 9ft ceiling, prewired for 5.1.4, and a ceiling mount projector.

So it's definitely gonna be a lot of compromising, I don't have a hard/fast budget (~under $35k all-in, is my current ceiling.

We've got small children, so the plan was for all in-wall speakers, with the exception most likely of a subwoofer.

I was going to do in wall LCR, and use an acoustic screen, and I'm somehow trying to figure out how to throw ~140" (would really like to fill the wall, and make sure I can cover the speakers while giving them the best separation.

I had the builder stock the drop for the mount at the very back of the room at the ceiling.

Interested in suggestions on projection, in-wall speaker choices, and in-ceiling ATMOS.

Another caveat, we'll maybe be able to bring the couch at the back of the room out a bit (~1ft), but most likely the primary seating position is going to be at the back of the room.

I also had the room acoustically insulated (floor / walls)

Thanks in advance!
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