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Old HTer here who HT setup 10+ years ago with outboard amps and a Lexicon processor which just went dead. No time or interest for any tweaking, just need:

1) super cheapo unit to route source out to the amps.

2) fairly current audio processing if possible.

3) no need for video processing or switching

4) AVR ok but amps not needed

5) used is preferable, plan to buy online or eBay

Gone too long and too many choices so looking for solid oldie but goody brands/model recommendations.


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The Harman Kardon 254 can be picked up on ebay - sold by Harman Kardon and warranted for the same 2 years as if you bought it new - these are refurbished units. They have preamp outs and work pretty damned good. I used one for a prepro for a few months before deciding on an Integra DHC 40.1 prepro.
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