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I just subscribed to a C-Band package and what great prices. This package is called Ultraview from NPS programming .

For $259 (limited time) , I am getting just about all the "basic cable" channels available, where as some even have both the East AND West feeds.


the SHOWTIME pak, which includes both the analog and a total of 26 digital Showtimes, The Movie Channel, Flix and Sundance. Not bad for about $26 a month, I couldn't believe it.......

C3-101 Showtime East

C3-102 Showtime 2 East

C3-103 Showtime 3 East

C3-104 Showtime Extreme East

C3-105 Showtime Beyond East

C3-110 FLIX East

C3-111 The Movie Channel East

C3-112 The Movie Channel 2 East

C3-117 Sundance Channel East

C3-118 Showtime High Definition East

C3-125 Showtime Next East

C3-126 Showtime Familyzone East

C3-127 Showtime Women East

G10-101 Showtime West

G10-102 Showtime 2 West

G10-103 Showtime 3 West

G10-104 Showtime Extreme West

G10-105 Showtime Beyond West

G10-110 FLIX West

G10-111 The Movie Channel West

G10-112 The Movie Channel 2 West

G10-117 Sundance Channel West

G10-120 Showtime High Definition West

G10-125 Showtime Next West

G10-126 Showtime Familyzone West

G10-127 Showtime Women West
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