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I just wanted to post this and publicly thank Screen Innovations for their recent help.

I messed up about a week ago and left the thermostat for the fireplace on when I left for the day. My wife and brother-in-law decided to watch a movie and turned on everything. The screen drops down in front of the fireplace. You can guess where this goes.

I called Screen Innovations to see if there was any way to fix the now golden brown section of screen. I had thought it possible to replace only the screen material thus saving cost out of my pocket.

Screen Innovations usually is a wholesale distributor yet didn't hesitate to help me and provide an option of a new screen to me. The cost was within what I was expecting and it will be shipping today.

It took the company that I orginally purchased the screen from almost two months to get me a screen and they have been nothing but hard to work with since.

I'm extremly pleased with Screen Innovations and their products. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a cost effective solution for a screen.

Again Thank You Screen Innovations.

Timbre Bjornson
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