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Excited about Halo 3 beta??

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The beta release is today!! I can't wait. I'm living in England right now, so it gets released at 1300 here. I'm at work so when the time comes I'm calling my girlfriend and asking to her to pop in my crackdown game and start the download. W00t!!
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Oh hell yes I am excited. I'm over here in the states and it doesn't come out till 5am so it should one of the most eventful mornings I've had since I started college... lol.
No, not excited at all. But I'm feeling a lot of peer pressure from my gaming peers to play it, so I guess I will play it nonetheless. If I don't, I'll be massively behind when the game comes out and I go to a "Halo 3 Party" and get my ass kicked.
I went home and downloaded it. Took about 20 minutes. Tried Black Site area 51 while downloading. Liked that one.

Then tried Halo 3. Joined in died 6 times got one kill in. Moves too fast for me but might get used to it. I never played the other Halo's so seeing someone just jump and shoot at me seemed a little abnormal. Kind of like they do in Battlefield 2.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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