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I'm moving into a new house (existing construction) in a couple of weeks. We have a Frontpoint alarm system (wireless/cellular) in our current home and like it but aren't tied to it.

My only requirements for my new house are:

- wireless / cellular

- ability to control the system through an app from anywhere

- ability to connect it to a Control 4 system in the future when I get one

I need about 23 door/window sensors, 3 smoke alarms, 3 glass break sensors, 1 control panel, and 1 touch panel (for arm/disarm only).

I've heard from my C4 dealer that the Ademco Vista20p + ADT would be a good choice. However, ADT doesn't install that brand if you go with them.

An ADT reseller I talked to said that if I had an existing system in my house, they would be able to program/activate it with ADT monitoring for me (and he said the Vista20p would be fine).

So I would love your advice, as I see a couple of options:

1) Keep my Frontpoint system (and add on to it), but ONLY if I can hook it into C4 some day (It's a GE system with a GE Simon XT control panel)

2) Have ADT do a fresh install with their ADT Pulse system, but ONLY if I can hook it into C4 some day (I have no idea what brand they use)

3) Have the ADT reseller install my system with DSC components, but ONLY if I can hook it into C4 some day

4) Buy the Ademco Vista20p on my own ( http://www.homesecuritystore.com/p-1169-v20p-wls-honeywell-vista20p-security-kit.aspx ) and add on to it myself to get the system I need. Then, have the reseller come in and take me "existing" system and connect it to ADT.

Does anyone have experience with this? I would prefer option 1 if it works with Control4. Otherwise, options 2 and 3 seem the most expensive so I'd prefer 4 if it's easy enough for a first-timer.



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I'm sort of in the same boat.

In the middle of a remodel so I have an alarm guy going thru and making sure all the existing hard wiring works. I dont' want to commit to ADT quite yet but want to probably upgrade the panel now. I was thinking Vista20p since it does work with Control4.

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We have a DSC system, monitored by ADT, and a cellular module has been added to support our VOIP phone system. The whole system is connected to our Control4 system and I can control it from my iPhone from pretty much across the world. Our system contact sensors on all doors and windows on the main floor and 4 motion sensors throughout the home and that's it! Nothing fancy or complicated and it connected just fine with the Control4.

Now, we also have cameras outside so that adds to our security system and those also connect into my Control4. I'd go with a basic DSC system and be done with it. Don't overspend on it as most of it is useless... in the sense that if a burglar wants to get into your home, they'll get in.
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