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expensive CD packaging in a bag?

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I bought a SHM-SACD that is made in Japan.

As you know this is considered highest quality and is not cheap. sometimes over $50.

the CD is inside digibook and there is a card sleeve and a plastic bag holding the disc. Yikes..

to show you guys it's the same bags shown in these video.


I think it is same as in K2HD releases.

I "enjoy handling" physical media, but I think it is too much to not have a real jewel case consider the high price charged. Does it keep better with this kind of packaging?

Oh. at least it sounded really good, it is mastered louder than my other CD/SACDs. I think it is not due to the SHM, (I don't think my setup is good enough to matter) but the fact to make it into the SHM, the mastering process has care taken from the original recording..
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Honestly any kind of packaging where there is ANY friction is going to be worse for the disc. This is not as good as a jewel case. Personally I'm not a fan of this kind of thing but I have a lot of discs in similar packaging without the plastic sleeve (cardboard packaging only) which I like even less. :/
I agree with DonoMan. The best storage are ones like jewel boxes which hold the disc tightly from the spindle hole, wont let it rotate freely, and don't touch the playing surface at all.

A bonus is it is easy to take the disc out without getting finger oil on the play surface, unlike that John Lennon CD extraction which now has a fingerprint on it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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