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Expensive players vs. high scoring players

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I've found the SECRETS progressive DVD testing reports at www .hometheaterhifi. com/cgi-bin/shootout.cgi They show 300-500 dollar DVD players scoring the highest. I've seen many MUCH more expensive players out there. What do you get for that extra cash? Is a less expensive higher scoring player the way to go? if I am building a serious dedicated home theater and am certainly bothered by some of the progressive scan artifacts?


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I had to insert spaces in the referenced URL to get around the system not letting me post URLs, since I'm a new poster to AVS. Sorry.
The more expensive DVD players merely add other features like other audio formats like DVD-Audio and SACD, not more advanced video features for the most part. Unforunately all of the excellent lower-priced, higher scoring models from Panasonic have been discontinued for some time so very difficult to find. Only the Denon 1600 remains available for a little while - catch it while you can.
This is not really one of my strong suits, but I have seen others remark on this referring to more solid construction, better build quality, bigger power supplies, etc; as well as the additional formats as stated by ThumperBoy.
In many cases, the warranty on some (not all) of the more "expensive" models is better. This bug bit me recently so watch out.
Besides features etc you may get more subtle things like better color saturation and definition particularly a more "stable" or less jittery picture.

And don't forget audio performance and format compatibility.......
The benchmark tests that we do refer to video performance in the progressive domain only. The tests in no way reflect the build quality or sonic performance of the players. If we took that into account I am sure there would be huge changes to that list. Most of the more elite brands such as Krell, Denon, TagMcClaren, Bel Canto and others tend to treat their audio sections with the same if not more regard then their video section. Plus the build quality and attention to detail can be a lot better.

I tend to pick my component for each thing I want. So for video I use the RP-82. For DVD-A I use the Denon 9000. For 2-channel CDs I use the Krell DVD Standard. Now I realize most people don't want to have a lot of players in their system so they must choose the most "universal" solution. That is where our standalone reviews of DVD players come in. There the audio aspects as well as useability come in.
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