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I think The network and client software from DVBLogic can help me but there do not seem to be too many opinions on it on these forums when from what I see it seems to be one of the only solutions to do what I need which is to distribute live TV to all the various existing screens I currently have.

I have an existing home network with 3 MCE PCs and I have coaxial cabling for existing TV(4 plus Home Theater Projector with PS3). I just got OTA with 1 Channel Master Tuner and an HDHomerun on the network and I am trying to figure out the best method to distribute the OTA supplemented with internet downloaded TV and distribute it to all my existing equipment. My main problems is that my 2 main viewing areas the projector and an older HD capable but only NTSC tuner TV are challenged in receiving the ATSC signal and/or other TV files from my network. Using the DLNA compliant PS3 I can stream files to Projector but not live TV and so I need the CM Tuner for my Home Theater leaving my other older HD TV dark.

It appears DVBLink with the network package would integrate with my existing MCE PCs/HDHR plus allow my PS3 to have a client that could manage live TV streams or recorded or downloaded TV from my network which would then allow me to move the CM tuner to the older TV.

I would like to hear some experience before I install and find I have missed something and the practical application does not live up to what theoretically is supposed to be delivered. I would think this software would be hyped more than I see on these boards given what it provides.

Am I missing something? Is the control of live TV from the PS3 not a good experience? Is the performance through the network challenging to setup? Other issues?

Any experience would be helpful especially the use of the client on the PS3 to control Live TV.

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