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Experience with Rotel 1077 ?

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Does anyone have any experience with the Rotel1077's? The form factor, power consumption and efficiency, and reviews make them very interesting to me.
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My uncle has one and has only raved about it. I have VERY limited experience with them, so I can't say much.

sry :(
1077 is very nice amp. I had a chance to listen to it last week with the Rotel rsp1098 and B&W 803s speakers. The sound was very clear, this thing drove these speakers at high volumes without a problem. Let me tell you, the whole room was shaking. What suprised me was it didn't even get hot doing it.

I would highly recommended. It is little pricey though here in Canada.
it doesn't get hot because it was ICEpowered ;)
I have one and love it. It's the cleanest, most perfect sounding amp I have ever heard.
Good to hear--pardon the pun. I'll definitely add these to my audition list. The power efficiency and resulting low heat output just seem a more responsible way to go. If the sound delivers, we have a winner!

I appreciate the responses.
omegaGray have you checked in at Club Rotel ? there may be more hands on experiences there as well
Thanks for the link, siriusly. I'll check it out.
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